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Various Projects Partridge

Various Projects Partridge

$ 55.00

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by Various Projects

Birdwatching began in 2009 with the design of the hand-knit alpaca Pigeon, honoring New York’s unofficial city bird, as a souvenir for the Project No. 8 / Travel store at the Ace Hotel.

Various Projects’ Pigeon is now joined by an ever-growing flock of state and regional birds. Its equally charming cousins include: Albino Pigeon, Amsel (Berlin Blackbird), Baby Pigeon (Regular and Albino), Blue Jay, California Quail, Cardinal (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia), Carolina Wren (South Carolina), Eastern Bluebird (Missouri and New York), Goldfinch (Iowa, New Jersey and Washington), Italian Sparrows (Tuscany), Western Meadowlark (Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, N. Dakota, Oregon and Wyoming), Mockingbird (Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi and Tennessee), Mourning Dove, Mountain Bluebird (Idaho and Nevada), Hawaiian Nene (Hawaii), Murre (endangered) and Robin (Connecticut, Michigan and Wisconsin).

100% Hand-knit alpaca with new material stuffing. Produced in Bolivia in compliance with Fair Trade standards.


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