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Ippolita Ferrari Serpente Pendant
Ippolita Ferrari Occhi + Dot Earring
Ippolita Ferrari Serpente Pendant
Ippolita Ferrari Lux Occhi Dot Earrings
Melissa Easton Tiny Moonbeam Post
Melissa Easton Woodruff Post
Melissa Easton Round Ridged Post
Melissa Easton Tiny Posts
Melissa Easton Nugget Studs
Melissa Easton Granulated Hoop Earrings
Melissa Easton Ginkgo Hoop Earrings
Melissa Easton Round Hoop Earrings
Melissa Easton Floral Hoop Earrings
Melissa Easton Oval Drop Earrings
Melissa Easton Classic ID Bracelet
Melissa Easton Large Link Bracelet
Melissa Easton Heavy ID Bracelet
Melissa Easton Tag Pendant Chain
Melissa Easton Heart Pendant Chain
Melissa Easton Round Pendant Chain
Melissa Easton Roman Granulated Band
Melissa Easton Ridged Rectangle Band
Melissa Easton Skinny Band
Melissa Easton Jackie O. Ring
Melissa Easton Simple Square Ring
Melissa Easton Round Ring
Melissa Easton Octagonal Ring
Jane D'Arensbourg Lattice Circle Hoops
Jane D'Arensbourg Glass Square Band
Jane D'Arensbourg Glass Thin Band
Jane D'Arensbourg Large Glass Orb Ring
Jane D'Arensbourg Large Glass Orb Ring
Jane D'Arensbourg Large Glass Orb Ring
Jane D'Arensbourg Circle + Oval Chain
Jane D'Arensbourg Mobius Twist
Jane D'Arensbourg Circle Hoops
Jane D'Arensbourg Large Wave Earrings
Jane D'Arensbourg Wave Earrings
Arc Objects Sunrise Necklace
Arc Objects Dune Hairpiece / Bracelet
Arc Objects Squiggle Earrings
Arc Objects Shoreline Earrings
Arc Objects Nudes (Set)
Arc Objects Egg Earrings
GDLV Teardrop Sequin Earring
GDLV Rose Gold Sun Necklace
GDLV Metal Sequin Necklace
Giles & Brother Round Leather Wrap Bracelet
Giles & Brother Hook Cuff
Giles & Brother Twist Cuff
Giles & Brother Nut and Bolt with Leather