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Cobamae - Blue African Bead Necklace 30
mmddyyyy Zodiac Coin Charm and Chain
Ippolita Ferrari  Serpente Pendant - Violet
Cobamae 14K Flower Charm
Alexis Laurel Sm. Tear Necklace - Ocean
Ippolita Ferrari Serpente Pendant - Ivory
Cobamae Necklace- Tutti Frutti
Cobamae 3 Charm Choker - Fuchsia
Cobamae 3 Charm Choker - Turquoise
Alexis Laurel Sm. Tears Necklace - Hot Pink
Cobamae - Green African Bead Necklace
Cobamae African Necklace - Turquoise 16
Cobamae African Necklace - Turquoise 15
Cobamae - Moss Agate Baguette Necklace
Matthew Swope Tiger's Eye Necklace
Vintage Turq. Necklace
Ippolita Ferrari Occhi Necklace - Blue
Ippolita Ferrari Occhi Necklace - Jade
Ippolita Ferrari Occhi Necklace - Green
Cobamae 3 Charm Choker - Green
Cobamae Necklace- Almost Rainbow
Carrie Hoffman - 14K Half Moon Necklace
Carrie Hoffman- 16
Carrie Hoffman- 18
Carrie Hoffman - 14K 18
Carrie Hoffman - 14K 18
Alexis Laurel Sm. Tear Necklace - Clear
Vintage Faceted Glass Locket
Ippolita Ferrari Occhi Necklace - Cobalt
Matthew Swope Black Sapphire Necklace
Cobamae 3 Charm Choker - Lapis
Matthew Swope Rose Quartz Necklace
Matthew Swope Rock Crystal Necklace
Matthew Swope Amethyst Necklace
Matthew Swope Smoky Quartz Necklace
Matthew Swope Tiger's Eye Necklace
Matthew Swope Lapis Necklace
Ippolita Ferrari Serpente Pendant - Rose