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Nymane Arkive Jeans - Natural
Nymane Arkive Jeans - Natural

Nymane Arkive Jeans - Natural

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Arkive jeans, Nymane's first ever jeans. The Arkive is a made out of dead stock U.S. made selvedge black denim. This silhouette has a medium rise waist ,snug fit over the hip and a leg shape that is loose and cocoon like accentuated by two darts at the knee. this very flattering style seems to work on many body shapes. The denim fabric is raw and therefor stiff in the hand with a structured look that will soften, mold to your body and show signs of wear unique to its wearer. Each pair of denim has been cold water rinsed to prevent shrinking and crooking of dye. The carbon footprint of raw denim is much less of one of a washed pair. 

To care for your garment please cold water machine wash and hang dry.

About NYMåNE: 

NYMåNE signifies a new start, a blank slate where a brand with greater value can be formed.We believe in the value of slowing down. Of choosing quality over quantity . We believe in taking time to do thing the right way, instead of the fast way.Each design we create is handmade, consciously sourced, and deeply respectful of the people and materials behind them.