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Various Projects Amsel

Various Projects Amsel

$ 59.00


Birdwatching began in 2009 with the design of the hand-knit alpaca Pigeon, honoring New York’s unofficial city bird, as a souvenir for the Project No. 8 / Travel store at the Ace Hotel.

Various Projects’ Pigeon is now joined by an ever-growing flock of state and regional birds.

100% Hand-knit alpaca with new material stuffing. Produced in Bolivia in compliance with Fair Trade standards.

About Various Projects
Elizabeth Beer & Brian Janusiak formed Various Projects, Inc. as a multidisciplinary creative collaboration in 2005. Often working in blurry areas between design, art, and commerce, Various Projects is always looking to link creative disciplines. Collaborations are a central and essential focus of the studio which creates objects, garments, accessories, books, furniture, and spaces as the need arises.