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Rose Pearlman Wall Hanging #4

Rose Pearlman Wall Hanging #4

$ 300.00

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Bedside Table

Hooked butchers twine on linen

12" x 15"

“The process of punch needle rug hooking traditionally results in durable, functional objects
made from hundreds to thousands of densely packed loops. Created with a hand-held rug hook
or punch needle, these small stitches of fiber are created slowly and methodically to create
form, texture, and movement. Without the need to construct rugs that can withstand heavy foot traffic, I have let go of the restrictions and rules that come with making functional objects. My wall hangings move away from utility and become ornamental, allowing me to explore the fragility of a single hooked line, implement delicate materials, and find the balance between negative and positive space. In doing so, I have swapped my durable wool rug yarn for alternative materials and common supplies such as plastic bags, butchers twine, raffia, recycled clothing; and combined the hooked medium with paint, fabric and embroidery thread. My hooked wall hangings, much like my collage work of hand-painted stickers, are abstracted
still-lifes and landscapes. I have played off the spatial relationship between near and far in my
depictions of table settings and references to horizon lines and aerial views. By manipulating
scale, color planes, and angles, I have taken the familiar and made it foreign.”


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