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Pete Nesting Tray - Satin White

Pete Nesting Tray - Satin White

$ 85.00

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Satin White

Pair of slip cast stoneware trays, perfect for your table, desk, or shelf. Organize your stationery or fruit.

Made from the pinkish stoneware slip called "grits" and are glazed in a custom satin glaze.

This series of works by Nine Stories Furniture Co., is a meditation on the quotidian. They are a study of the throw-away objects of contemporary society, and are meant in a way as an intervention of the purchase/dispose of cycle. Many of these austere forms are quite elegant, but require a radical material change to make this quality apparent.

In this particular product, the ubiquitous plastic tray is used as the starting point. Molds are made carefully from the originals and from these, new vessels are formed from clay, a material that predates life on earth by more than 3 billion years.


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