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Lucky Fish Hand Soap

Lucky Fish Hand Soap

$ 16.00

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Sculpted hand soap made in collaboration with our great friends at City Sculpturing.

These hand made soaps are 100% Organic everything -Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Glycerine of vegetable origin, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbitol Moisturizer, Sorbitan Oelate (emulsifier), and oat protein (conditioner.) With 100% organic lavender oil.

They come wrapped in tissue in a small printed cloth bag and are inspired by our Constellation Handprint. The soap fits into the palm of your hand.

About So Lucky Fish
Lucky Fish is a line of clothing and home furnishings hand-printed in Brooklyn, NY, with its imagery and color palette inspired by my growing up in South Africa, and my global travels that followed. As kids in SA, we would say “you lucky fish” to someone who had gotten, done or become something enviable. And that’s what inspired the company’s name. Lucky Fish is committed to small, independent and creative business and design! And Lucky Fish loves cut and paste!


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