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Hudson Made Shave Mug

Hudson Made Shave Mug

$ 23.50

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Here’s one of our best-kept secrets to the perfect shave: The Ceramic Shave Mug. Cast by artisan potters, the mug’s stoneware material retains heat, allowing you time to reapply warm shaving cream that helps prevent nicks. Simply toss in a disc of Hudson Made Beard and Shave Soap then whisk vigorously with a shaving brush that's been dipped in very hot water.

Hand-painted a stately burnished black that looks just as good on the shelf as when it’s in use, the design pays respect to the 19th century scuttle but also incorporates modern ergonomic embellishments. An elongated handle assists in firmer gripping while the broader diameter reduces splash and keeps that warm shaving cream where it belongs—on your face.

About Hudson Made NY

 At Hudson Made we believe that when we live in balance with nature we thrive and leave a softer footprint on the planet. Our products are crafted with plant and flower-sourced ingredients blended to maximize nature’s restorative power. We believe nature offers the best solutions to every grooming and beauty need.

Hudson Made respects the environment and our natural resources. Every aspect of our business is environmentally conscious, from our sourcing, our production, our products and our packaging. We understand it is not a perfect world but we make an impact through the choices we make and the example we set.



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