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Dovetail Mug No17

Dovetail Mug No17

$ 45.00

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Beautifully slip cast stoneware mug, perfect for your coffee, tea, or juice. Start your day and end your day with this little friend.

High-fire white porcelain with satin white glaze and iron oxide wash,  and oiled maple handle.

Care Notes: 

The handle, being wood, is susceptible to damage in ways that the ceramic is not. Do not allow the wooden handle to soak in water to prevent moisture damage. Do not microwave or oven heat. Not dishwasher safe.

Re-oil handle with salad bowl oil, olive oil, walnut oil, or mineral oil periodically if wood looks dry.  apply liberally and let soak in, then wipe off.

This series of works by Nine Stories Furniture Co., is a meditation on the quotidian. They are a study of the throw-away objects of contemporary society, and are meant in a way as an intervention of the purchase/dispose of cycle. Many of these austere forms are quite elegant, but require a radical material change to make this quality apparent.


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