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Arc Objects Ondo Hairpiece
Arc Objects Ondo Hairpiece
Arc Objects Ondo Hairpiece

Arc Objects Ondo Hairpiece

$ 200.00

Fit Guide

White Brass 

The first in a series, this hand-cast white brass hairpiece is inspired by the daydream of a spiral unraveled –

spiral (adj): winding in a continuous and gradually widening (or tightening) curve, either around a central point on a flat plane or about an axis so as to form a cone; (verb): to increase, progress, decrease, or move continuously.

Great for all hair types, this piece can be worn in multiple styles.

White Brass

Fit Guide:
Measures approximately 5" long x 1.75" widest part.

Care Guide:
Can be cared for by storing in a dry place, with periodic polishing.

About ARC
ARC is a concept, not a product: it is, at its core, a body of work that seeks to encourage mindfulness and individual creative expression. From jewelry to home objects, it is a collection that explores and experiments with wearable and functional sculpture. An arc is simultaneously a shape and a concept; similarly, ARC objects seeks to be both literal and figurative.

The core collection is inspired by colors, textures, shapes, and sounds found in nature. It consists primarily of porcelain + metal pieces that bridge organic form with small-scale industrial production techniques. Materials are responsibly sourced to create seasonless, future-heirloom pieces that are bold in simplicity and made by hand in New York City.

The ARC Invisibles collection is comprised of limited-edition pieces both produced in-house and found amidst Jacobs's travels around the world. All items speak to the brand's visual personality and minimalist aesthetic.


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