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Melissa Easton Oval Drop Earrings

Melissa Easton Oval Drop Earrings

$ 585.00

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Some of the very first earrings I made, and (if you haven’t noticed) some of the only ones that dangle and sway. The design is still in production after 10 years.

  • Hand-carved, cast and finished in NY
  • Solid 10k yellow gold with 14k yellow gold hooks
  • Oblong ovular pieces with ridged edges.
  • 1 1/8" long and 1/4" wide
  • Hand patina gives the piece a warm aged quality

            About Melissa Easton
            Catskills-based designer, Melissa Easton creates jewelry as a complement to her life as an industrial designer. For a long time, she had difficulty reconciling the disparate aspects of those two pursuits: one devoted to creating objects high in function and longevity, and the other, a somewhat ephemeral exercise in making things as decoration. The two, it turns out, are not that far apart. "I don't want people to buy a lot...of anything, and what I've found is that when women purchase a piece of my jewelry, they end up wearing it all the time. Those objects become personal signatures and they never take them off."


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