Large Scale by Jonathan Lippincott

Large Scale by Jonathan Lippincott

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by Jonathan Lippincott

Limited Edition Copies, signed by Jonathan Lippincott

An important lost chapter in the history of modern art is now available in paperback. Prior to 1966, if artists wanted to create works larger than their studios or metalworking abilities allowed, they had to turn to industrial manufacturers, who were often unable to accommodate the creative process of making art.

Large Scale tells the story of Lippincott, Inc., which, from 1966 to 1994, put the tools of industrial fabrication in the hands of artists, allowing them to produce at a scale they had previously only dreamed of on paper. Lippincott worked with artists from the conception of a project to the completed sculpture, displaying pieces in the field adjoining the shop before installing them all over the country and the world. Drawing on the vast collection of images in the Lippincott archive, Large Scale presents more than three hundred photographs of these artists and their iconic works.

8.8 x 1 x 11 inches


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