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Hataguchi Co. Boxed Card Set

Hataguchi Co. Boxed Card Set

$ 15.00

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Zig Zag Yellow

Box set of 10 4" x 6" blank cards with natural envelopes (regular mail stamp). Papers are made out of recycled cotton from textile industry waste. Tree-less and recycled paper stationery. Reuse and recycle. Love preloved. 

Handprinted and handmade in India. 

About Hataguchi Collective
While visiting India, I came across printmakers and artisans who still make handmade paper products the traditional way passed down through generations. Inspired by their tradition and eco-friendly approach, I decided to produce paper products with a touch of modern design. "The best gift you can give is the release of words, on paper, through a handwritten letter" Handwritten letter has become a little old-fashioned. I hope to inspire everyone to share one's feelings in a letter meant just for someone. All paper is made from 100% recycled cotton, used hosieries, to be specific. The prints are all hand printed. Hope my products will be well-loved, reused and recycled.


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