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Nomadic Thread Society Sarong

Nomadic Thread Society Sarong

$ 110.00


Double Ikat Steps

Steps double ikat sarong + maxiscarf
the chicest ladies I know rate this as their favorite sarong. Wrap it in so many ways, take shelter from the sun.

100% cotton. 39 x 79 inches. Handwoven in Andrah Pradesh, India. Yarns hand spun and hand dyed locally. Zero waste production.

About Nomadic Thread Society
Nomadic Thread Society focuses on artisanal luxury and leisure style, but its people don’t take the good life for granted. In its effort to build an ethical business wherever possible, NTS carefully considers what materials and methods it uses throughout its operations, the number of steps in a supply chain, the fairness of wages paid to artisans, and whatever other decisions come up along the way. Here’s to finding the balance between conscientious commerce and high style.