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Vision Quest Babouche Sneakers
Vision Quest Babouche Sneakers

Vision Quest Babouche Sneakers

$ 199.00

Tan Cheetah
Fit Guide

The Tan Spotted Cheetah is an update from an earlier best seller.  The exotic beauty of that same pattern, but with a distinctive summer tan, makes this one the Queen of the jungle.   Like the cheetah itself, these beauties move fast through any environment, grabbing everybody’s attention as they go.  Whatever quest you’re on, you can bet these shoes won’t stand still.

  • Animal print hair on cow salvaged leather from deadstock inventory on uppers
  • Leather lined
  • Leather sock over removable footbed
  • Molded rubber sneaker outsole with tread
  • Simple white dust bag packaging
  • 100% Upcycled Leather Upper + Lining / Rubber Outsole

Fit Guide
The fit is true to size.  However given the toe shape, many customers are comfortable with a slightly larger size. 

About Vision Quest
Ce Ce Chin is an Los Angeles based shoe designer best known for the New York indie darling brand 80%20. Her West Coast adventures constantly inspire her to be more spiritual and aware which is reflected in her new collection, Vision Quest Shoes. The Babouche Sneaker encourages the wearer to walk mindfully, treating each step as a walking meditation. “Most of us treat walking as simply a physical act. This shoe is meant to remind us that we can be much more intentional in our choices and our movement,” Ce Ce says. The limited edition shoes are inspired by a Ouija Board reader, another accessory designed to help us be open, ask questions, and move confidently forward.


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