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NTS Beach Pants

NTS Beach Pants

$ 85.00



These pants are everything. One size. They fit all the sexes and look good on literally everyone. You can wash and throw in drier to shrink if you're small, line dry if you want to keep the size constant. The fabric is like linen, but better.. Please see product bubble for the history of the cloth!

From loom in Turkey. Sile fabric takes its name from sile, a small seaside village north of Istanbul, Turkey. The sile women’s community center hand-looms the cloth and processes it following a 150-year-old tradition. The cloth is washed in the saline water of the black sea and spread out to dry on the quartz sands of sile beach. This natural process gives the fabric durability, breathability, and a unique soft texture.

About Nomadic Thread Society
Nomadic Thread Society focuses on artisanal luxury and leisure style, but its people don’t take the good life for granted. In its effort to build an ethical business wherever possible, NTS carefully considers what materials and methods it uses throughout its operations, the number of steps in a supply chain, the fairness of wages paid to artisans, and whatever other decisions come up along the way. Here’s to finding the balance between conscientious commerce and high style.