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Nymane Norden Parka - Grey
Nymane Norden Parka - Grey
Nymane Norden Parka - Grey

Nymane Norden Parka - Grey

$ 298.00

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The Norden parka is created in collaboration with storied Swedish blanket mill Klippan, the wool comes from the Swedish island of Gotland. The Gotland sheep are a breed that has been herded since the Viking era. The pelt of this sheep has a very unique character, defined by its soft, luscious, and densely curled hair.

Cut in a clean and modern hooded parka, with a classic front pocket, exposed seams, and bound finishing. The Norden parka is cut and sewn in NYC. The wool is naturally dirt resistant. Hang outside to air. For stains dry clean or hand wash cold.

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About NYMåNE: 

NYMåNE signifies a new start, a blank slate where a brand with greater value can be formed. We believe in the value of slowing down. Of choosing quality over quantity. We believe in taking time to do things the right way, instead of the fast way. Each design we create is handmade, consciously sourced, and deeply respectful of the people and materials behind them.



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