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Caring for Your Woolens

(Originally posted by our friends at Of a Kind here)

If you sweat taking care of your sweaters or worry about your wool coats—we feel you. Well, Marcia Patmos, the designer behind cozy scarf and cuddly sweater company M. Patmos—and winner of the prestigious International Woolmark Prize in 2015—has plenty of knowledge to pass on. Read on for her five tips to keeping your knitwear 100.



“Handwash your sweaters. My favorite wash is Eucalan. The lanolin in it keeps fibers in good condition. Ecover or any other natural store brand are also fine. Make sure to dry your garment flat.” Using an environmentally-friendly detergent is great for the longevity of your clothing and ensures the soap you're washing down your drain isn't harmful to the soil or wildlife it may come in contact with later.


Caring for your M.PATMOS wool garments


“I have a sweater shaver from Brookstone that’s great. Just make sure not to press too hard. You can cut your sweater! If you do get a hole in your sweater (by accident or because of moths), you can find a tailor near you that specializes in reweaving.”



“Store your garments in a cool, dry place with Moth Away herbal moth repellant or Earthkind Stay Away herbal sachets. You can also use cedar blocks or pellets. I use Ikea storage bags, but you can stack them on a shelf in your closet. Just make sure to dust every crevice to get rid of any lurking bugs. This sounds gross, but moth and carpet beetle larvae like proteins like sweat, blood, and food on your clothes. That’s what they eat—and they end up eating through your clothes—so always make sure to store clean clothes only.”



“If you think bugs might have contaminated your clothes, quarantine the suspected item by putting it in the freezer. It will kill the larvae and prevent them from moving to other things in your closet. In my own closet, nothing vintage is allowed in until I take it to the organic dry cleaner or put it in the freezer it overnight.”